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All of us at Milian Design love what we do. We are a website development and graphic design agency at our core. In fact, we can do anything you see on the web. Our team is full of skillful web and mobile phone developers, graphic designers, ecommerce professionals, e-marketing strategists, and IT specialists who all love a good challenge.

Whether brand awareness, customer base, or innovation is your goal, Milian Design will deliver on our promises, as we have for so many customers for the last 5 years. Browse our portfolio below and please give us a call if you would like our help. Please click on the images below to enlarge for better viewing.

Website Design
AT Equipment Inc. website thumbnail

AT Equipment Inc. -
Work Performed: Website design, logo design, SEO.

Overview: A representative of AT Equipment Inc. was looking to have a site developed for his excavator and boom attachment company. Located in Sutton, MA the company offers new and used equipment for sale and also offers excavator and construction services for any type of project. They also rent machines, parts and will come fix or rebuild your equipment if something goes wrong. They wanted to showcase this on their site so we made separate pages for each subject and added several images from job sites and equipment they sell throughout the site.

Central New England Oral Surgery website thumbnail

Central New England Oral Surgery -
Work Performed: Website design, SEO.

Overview: The head physician of Central New England Oral Surgery contacted us about creating a website for his practice. Their online presence was almost non-existent so we knew building a website for them would increase their customer base and overall branding awareness. Working closely with the owner proved to be a helpful experience toward creating the company’s website. The owner requested a simple and clean interface, with an easily navigatable services page and contact forms for both his Massachusetts and Connecticut offices.

Auto Excellence Detailing website thumbnail

Auto Excellence Detailing -
Work Performed: Website design, online scheduling, logo design, SEO.

Overview: Remember the last time your car was absolutely spotless inside and out? Yeah, it makes you fall in love with your car all over again. With our client; Auto Excellence Detailing's knowledge and enthusiasm for all things clean, we figured we should develop a super clean and slick website for their company. With input from the owner, we created a gallery page to showcase their work, a services page showing their detailing packages, and a contact page with an online scheduling form. We think we really "shined" on this one and the company loves it. Now go get your car detailed!

Eyewitness Security Systems website thumbnail

Eyewitness Security Systems-
Work Performed: Website design, SEO.

Overview: Eyewitness Systems protects businesses and people all over New England with their state of the art surveillance systems. Not to mention they service over 175 McDonalds Restaurants. To help them expand their clientel even further, we've brought them online with a brand new website. The objective was to showcase some of their clients with a slideshow at the top of the page. We then built small "info boxes" below which houses weekly updated information about their company and projects / services.

Triboro MMA & Fitness website thumbnail

Triboro MMA & Fitness -
Work Performed: Website design, user login Interface, SEO.

The owner of Triboro MMA & Fitness came to us looking to have a site developed for his soon to be opened gym. Located in Marlboro, MA he had an objective in mind and wanted to showcase his several instructional class offerings on the website. He wanted a simple, clean site with a militant look. We chose a color theme that matched the logo and implemented an interactive slideshow at the top which rotates various images from the gym. After a few weeks we were happy to have the site up and running and ready for potential customers.

Graphic / Print Design
Okemo's SnowFest Event Flyer thumbnail

SnowFest Flyer
Work Performed: Print Design, Web Flyer

Overview: One of the runner up designs for Okemo Mountain's SnowFest event is picture above. Contestants entered their designs for a poster and handout flyer that would be circulated to the crowd prior the the actual event. The campaign only required designers to include specific event information and Okemo's logo and sponsors, the rest of the design was left up to each individual graphic artist.

AT Equipment Logo thumbnail

AT Equipment
Work Performed: Logo Design

Overview: A large construction retail and service company out of Sutton Massachusetts had recently contacted us about getting a new logo for their business. They wanted a "heavy machinery" look with an excavator image with a bucket attachment and a hydraulic hammer. We figured the best way was to create the image on top and then incorporate the hydraulic hammer into the company name in place of the "I". The resulting logo is above!

Auto Excellence Detailing Thumbnail

Auto Excellence Detailing
Work Performed: Logo Design

Overview: Auto Excellence Detailing is an up and coming company out of central Massachusetts. They contacted Milian Design in hopes to create a brand identity for them including a new logo, website and business cards. We went through a few designs and ultimately selected the sleek and clean car silhouette for their logo. Added an orange-red gradient and colored the two LL's to create a unique and fast looking logo.

Laurent Brewing Company Package Design thumbnail

Laurent Brewing Company
Work Performed: Logo Design, Package Design

Overview: The Laurent Brewing Company logo and packaging was created for a friend of our company. The goal was to create a brand which represented the pale ale's classy image and origins. Hailing from Quebec City, Canada, the home brewer was very pleased with the outcome. He ran a test run of the packaging on a few bottles and sent some pictures back for us. Later this year we all recieved a six pack of his delicious craft brew!

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