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SEO and Effective Website Marketing
Milian Design implements two types of website marketing services that work together to drive your website to the top of search engine results. Here is a summary of what we do on a website level for maximizing effectiveness. To gain effective results we must understand your company and your competition. We begin with a complete competitive analysis which helps us develop a unique plan of attack to achieve effective results. What do we look at when doing a competitive website analysis? We make sure that your website is designed with the visitor in mind and the search engine crawlers who index the content for keyword ranking purposes. We check how popular your competitor's website is and how populated your target niche is. We assess the strengths and weaknesses of your website.

A Competitive Website Analysis?
A competitive web site analysis is the groundwork to beating the competition. The primary benefits of any competitive analysis are to better understand what your competitors are doing and how to maintain your competitive advantage. The findings from this analysis are likely to factor strongly into your own company’s strategic planning. Another benefit of competitive analysis involves expanding the knowledge base of those working on your website. The analysis offers information about content and functionality that they have probably not considered. Exploring competitor website's offers the opportunity to discover what is working well for them, as well as what is commonly being offered via the Web.

Organic SEO or SEO Plus?
Organic Search Engine Optimization - Organic SEO techniques such as meta tags, keywords, interlinks and titles will be implemented. We will then manually submit your website (in the relevant categories) to the most popular search engines.

Search Engine Optimization Plus - Promote your website to 1.6+ million daily searchers! With SEO Plus we create unique HTML title tags, meta keyword tags, and meta description tags, build a text site map, and link to it from every page of your site. Next, we establish your site by submitting to the major directories; Google, Bing and Yahoo! Directory, then build your link popularity by submitting to web directories, search engines, and requesting links from related websites.

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